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The Putri Coffee Story

True coffee connoisseurs know that the finest beans come from Indonesia; specifically, the beautiful, wild mountains of Aceh, Sumatra. For hundred of year, Aceh has been celebrated for its distinctively delicious coffee. The province’s coffee-growing heritage is as rich as the flavors that exude from every cup. It’s from this region that Putri Coffee, and the company’s founder, Cintha Putri, originate.

Having relocated to Seattle, Washington, USA – a place also known for its coffee culture –
Cintha struggled to find a brew as characterful as those she enjoyed in Indonesia. So, inspired by her homeland and her desire to share its unique specialty beans, she established Putri Coffee. Now, Cintha works directly with Ketiara Women Cooperative, with over 1040 and growing farmers households members where 70% of the members is women farmers to bring Aceh’s famously strong coffee to a new market of gourmet blend lovers.

Putri Coffee products range from sacks of green beans ideally for coffee roasters and coffee shop partners to roasted whole beans for retail customers. All coffee beans are single-origin, gourmet speciality, carefully selected, and imported from Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia. They’re then expertly roasted in Seattle and shipped to you with freshness and full-bodied flavor.

Imagine tempting aromas drifting from your cup like the mists over the mountains of Aceh. Envision harmonious flavors on your tongue, dancing like Sumatra’s lush forests in warm breezes. Now shop Putri Coffee to indulge your senses with the best coffee you ever had.