Only the best from Gayo Sumatra

With our 100% Arabica beans from the verdant highlands of Gayo Sumatra, we only provide Premium specialty gourmet quality coffee beans. Our coffee plants are cultivated in Gayo’s 4,000-5,600 meter highlands leading to an impeccable coffee bean. The coffee farms themselves are about 2 hours away from the village where our farmers, most of whom are women, live. Our farm is a female-owned and lead cooperative, with 90% or about 3,000 women farmers working hard to cultivate amazing beans. Our price is higher to reflect how famous and incredible our beans are, being renowned not just in Indonesia but perhaps in all of Asia. Also, each bean is hand-picked and hand-sorted only using manual labor, without using any automatic machine.

Our beans are Fair Trade certified and 100% USDA organic certified beans. Our coffee beans even get tested to ensure they are of the highest quality and possessing amazing flavors not just once but twice to guarantee we are providing only the best for our customers. And not only that but our beans are freshly roasted in an FDA approved roasting plant facility in Washington state by professional roast masters who are true coffee experts. We can roast your beans and have them shipped to your door the same day. Our roasted beans possess low acidity and have a delectable gourmet coffee taste that is sure to become your new favorite bean. For only the best coffee experience, choose Gayo Sumatra beans!