Premium Gayo Beans from Putri Coffee

Take a tour with us to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. High up in luxuriously green mountains, decorated with languid lines of flowers blue rivers, and gently garnished at the top with shrouds of fog and clouds. 

            It is here we find one of the most exquisite and incredible coffee beans in the world; Gayo’s premium coffee beans. But what exactly makes coffee from the Gayo region of Sumatra so incredible? Quite a lot actually!

It starts with the soil…

             For starters, the land, terroir, and area that the coffee beans are cultivated on in Gayo are perfect for producing amazing coffee. Gayo’s beans are 100% premium quality Arabica beans, and Arabica beans thrive when they are cultivated under very specific conditions. 

          High altitudes lead to tastier beans. This is because the higher the elevation, the cooler the air is, and the higher the amount of precipitation and moisture in the air are. Arabica plants love the cool, wet, climate because they can grow more slowly and develop their coffee cherries more deeply. 

         The cloud coverage also shields them from the hot tropical sun. Mountains and highlands also possess volcanic soil, many of them having been formed by volcanic activity. The volcanic soil provides proper drainage from heavy and constant rain, and also nourish the plants with soil rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Gayo’s beans are no exception to the high-quality growing conditions Arabica beans need.

The human element

          When you opt for Putri Coffee Gayo superb beans, know that you are helping to empower women, and enfranchise the coffee farmers and cultivators who work very hard to produce these incredible beans. Gayo’s beans are fair trade and 100% USDA organic certified, and the farm’s staff is 90% women, which is about 3000 hard-working farmers and business owners who are all strong women. These women and men work together generation after generation to cultivate amazing coffee beans and run an incredible business at the same time. And this is no simple task! The coffee farms are located 2 hours away from the women’s village and the work includes hand-picking coffee cherries, and even sorting each and every bean by hand, too. 

The taste is exquisite!

          With all these great characteristics it is easy to see how Gayo’s beans are sold at a higher and premium price but are also worth every penny! And this extends to Gayo beans and their flavor and taste! The flavors get tested not once but twice to be completely certain our beans are up to par. 

        Only the best is sold on the market to become a delectable and uplifting cup of coffee. Gayo’s premium beans are also freshly roasted in FDA approved roasting facilities. These roasting plants are located in that other capital of the coffee world, Washington state! Our Gayo beans are roasted by experienced roast-masters and can be delivered fast and fresh. Our roasted beans possess low acidity and have a delicious, sumptuous, and gourmet coffee taste!

Why choose Gayo’s premium coffee beans?

          If you are in the market for coffee beans that are truly incredible look no further than Putri’s Sumatra’s Gayo coffee beans. Grown and cultivated in a locale that is ideal for growing Arabica plants, USDA organic certified, and fair trade. 

          When you opt for our beans, you are helping to empower women and enfranchise the hard-working coffee farmers. Not only that, but you will be treated to a unique and out of this world flavor experience as well. From the highlands of Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia to your cup, we provide only premium coffee!